Payment from the rest of the world

The yearly membership fee is SEK 210 or SEK 70 if you’re 18 years or younger. You can pay for several years in advance, thereby avoiding any raised yearly dues in the meantime. (Due to postage costs, the fee for adults living abroad is higher than if you live in Sweden.)

You can pay to our account over the Internet in two ways. Either you send us a SWIFT payment from your Internet bank, or transfer money from your PayPal account. Both methods should only render low charges or none at all.

When ordering a SWIFT payment (also called EU payment) through your Internet bank, you need to supply the following receiver information. Also include a message with your name and address (and for new members, also birthday and telephone if there is space enough):

IBANSE27 9500 0099 6042 0031 3023

Please note! Pay in Swedish currency SEK if possible. You must also make sure that you accept to pay for any receiver fees and other charges. We’re sorry but we can’t pay such fees.

If you have a PayPal account, you can send us money quickly and easily. Our PayPal e-mail address is

Pay in SEK if possible. To pay a membership fee or other due, select the Personal tab and check the Payment owed option. This should not add any extra charge (hopefully).

If you can’t use SWIFT or PayPal to pay your membership fee, please send an e-mail to the pengabingen address (see above) or a letter to our regular postal address NAFS(K), Box 2125, SE-10313 Stockholm, Sweden. Hopefully we can figure out a way to let you pay to us!

På gång

  • 28 maj: Lego-utställning med modell av Joakims pengabinge på Kista bibliotek
  • 19 augusti: NAFS(K) medverkar på Världens längsta bokbord i Stockholm
  • 21 september: NAFS(K) fyller 40 år. Kvack!
  • 22–25 september: Bokmässan i Göteborg. NAFS(K) firar sitt 40-årsjubileum i Göteborg i anknytning till Bokmässan.
  • Septober: NAFS(K) firar sitt 40-årsjubileum även vid ett evenemang i Stockholm (exakt datum ej bestämt än)
  • November eller december: Ankon


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