German Ducks (Schatztruhe, Auto Albums)

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>Next is a list of German duck stories from the series
>"Abenteuer aus Onkel Dagoberts Schatztruhe":
>Nr  Code       Ned    Pg    Title
>1              DA.02  -44-  der regengott von uxmal
>2              DA.04  -44-  weisses gold vom matterhorn
>3   GA 3-84    DA.05  -44-  der ausflug nach key west
>4   GA 4-85    DA.10  -44-  picasso-raub in barcelona
>5   Eh DAA 5   DA.15  -44-  fuenfmal grand canyon und zurueck
>6   D 88067           -44-  der tartan der familie duck

As far as I know this is the complete list. Some of them have been translated
to English.

>I think the artwork is done by Adolf Kabatek (his name is in album 6).
>I have a German version of #1 and #6. In the column 'Ned' the dutch reprints
>of the stories (DA = "Dubbel Album"); #6 is never reprinted in Holland.

Adolf Kabatek is the editor but definitely not the artist. I'm not sure about
that, but I remember something like they were drawn in South America, most
probably in Argentina. Kabatek has written some or all of the stories.

>The 'Code' is the code I found in my (mostly Dutch) copies of the stories.
>'Eh' stands for Ehapa Verlag.
>Apparently, the last story is done for Gutenberghus, since it has a D-code.
>There seems to be an other German album series, about cars (D.A.A., which
>I think means Duck Auto Album). The code 'Eh DAA 5' should be an error,
>since the story appeared in the "Schatztruhe" series.
>In holland, one story is published that could have its origin in the
>DAA-series. It is about "the oldest car in the world" and is drawn by
>Jan Gulbrandsson. I saw a German ad for D.A.A. #3, so at least 3 albums
>must have been published in this series.

This is not a real series, but appears at random. I think it's even cut now.
There are stories from the Duck- and the Mouse-world, but I doubt that there
are more than 3-4 albums.

>Who can help me answering the next questions:
>1. Is my "schatztruhe"-list complete?
>2. What stories appeared in the "DAA"-series and who drew them?
Answers as complete as possible (I have no access to my collection at the
moment :( ) see above.

>Harry Fluks
>Leidschendam, Nederland (= Holland)
>H.W.Fluks at
>(So, my first mailing to the Disney-list. It will certainly not be the last..)
This goes for me, too :))


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