Uncle Scrooge's Treasure Chest again

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at research.ptt.nl
Tue Aug 11 09:57:09 CEST 1992

Per Starback wrote (about the Schatztruhe/Treasure chest stories):

> I think I've heard a specific person named as the artist of those
> stories, but I don't remember it now, and the only reference I can
> find is that they are drawn by the studio "Studio Recreo" (in
> Barcelona?).

I Think I have seen the artist's artwork in an occasional Gutenberghus
story. He also did some puzzle-stories for "Gyro Gearloose's puzzle shop"
(Germany: "Daniel Duesentriebs Raetselshop", Holland: "Willie Wortels
Puzzelparade"; Don't know if other countries have had a periodical like it).

Per, if you remember the name, please tell me (us). I am trying to get as
many Disney comic artist's names as possible (maybe I can make a list for
d-c at M.D.U.S.).

Harry Fluks

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