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Per Starb{ck starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Sat Aug 29 20:47:54 CEST 1992

Two additions to the Don Rosa list:

H 89174 was reprinted in Carl Barks Library, set VI (as part of the
script and pencils is by Barks).

AR 103 was published in KA91-29 in Sweden (and the rest of
Scandinavia, I guess).

I guess new people to the list might be interested in getting things
like the Don Rosa list, so I'm planning on making a standard welcoming
message to the list that tells about interesting information files I
keep as part of the mailing list administration.  Something like:

Welcome to <blah blah blah.  address of list etc.>

I keep some files here, composed from earlier messages to the list,
that might be of interest to you.  Just write to me and ask for any of
them, and I'll send them to you.  They are:

* members
The members of the mailing list, with their email addresses.

* rosa
A list of Don Rosa's Disney stories and covers and where they are
printed.  There is information on publication in the USA, the
Netherlands, and Scandinavia.

* recurring
Rich Bellacera's "Disney Toon Character List" of recurring characters.
(Not restricted to Disney *comics*.)

* story-codes
An explanation of the various story codes, i.e., the production codes
of the stories that are sometimes found in the first panel of the
stories.  By Harry Fluks.

Is this a good idea?  The above is just random thoughts at the moment,
and not a definite list.  What should be there?  One thing that I
definitely think should be there, but that I haven't got is a list of
the current Disney comics, with short notes on what they contain.

	Beauty & The Beast
	Colossal Comics Collection
	Disney Adventures
	Donald Duck Adventures
	Uncle Scrooge
	Walt Disney's Comics & Stories

There are more, aren't there?
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