Complete Disney Comics Index (Re: Torsten)

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Wed Dec 2 18:26:02 CET 1992

Torsten (TWA) writes:

TWA> The paragraph should include:
TWA> 	Control number (same for each language version?)
me> Is this the story code? If so, it should be the same for each language
me> version.
TWA> Whatever that number is on the first page of the story.  Uncle
TWA> Scrooge #273 (WD's US in House of Haunts) has :
TWA> 	KJU080-1/U.S.#129. 

This is a double code, but neither of the codes is the 'original' code. They
both indicate reprints. So: the 'actual' code could be different for each
publication; but we should define a 'normalised' code that is unique to
the story. (I posted a message about story codes, once. I think I'll update
the message and re-post it.)

me> I prefer a title or description flagged with:
me>   T: exact title (heroes abbreviated like DD, MM, US etc.)
me>   D: description from the comic's contents page
me>   O: own description
me> Using () or [] or {} is confusing, especially if you want to list titles
me> with () in them.
TWA> 	Perhaps the title should be noted by quotation marks?

Why? Isn't the flag T: enough? (example:
	T:DD finds Pirate gold

me> I think some stories have a T:/D: and an O: as well, when the T:/D: is not
me> clear enough to recognize the story.
TWA> 	T:/D ?

#define T:/D:  ( T: or D: )

me> How much work do you think a complete list would cost this way?
TWA> 	What do you mean by cost?   

Effort. Hours of volunteer-work to put the list together. If we are starting 
such a list, I would like it to be finished this century.

me> I think only a note about characters is necessary when the character is not
me> a usual character in stories of the main character, e.g. Dumbo appearing in
me> a Grandma Duck story.
TWA> How would a first-time user know who the main characters are?  Does
TWA> DD appear in all US stories? 

No, but in most of them (non-Ducktales), so a note could be: 'without Donald'.
I think a first-time user finds the main character in the title.

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