THE Gladstone Index

Torsten Wesley Adair torsten at
Sun Dec 6 22:51:00 CET 1992

Well done!  Rather basic, but a good place to start.

As far as creative personnel are concerned, have you checked Overstreet's
Comic Book Price Guide.  This title should be in every collector's
library!  It provides general pricing, as well as listing as many issues
as humanly possible.  It is somewhat lax in smaller titles published since
1980, but includes just about every comic book published before then.
Black and white illustrations are scattered throughout the volume, and
there is a special color section as well.

Most issue entries list significant writers and artists.  You may need to
look at the original issue (Dell Four Color) to find it.

Every year, Overstreet concentrates on a specific subject, which is
featured on the cover.  In 1987, Snow White and Disney Comics were

There are many other price guides as well.

Torsten at Omaha

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