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> Did anyone besides Barks do DD/US stories for Dell?

Many have done Donald, like Jack Bradbury, Dick Moores, Phil de Lara,
Tony Strobl and Paul Murry.  Gladstone reprinted some of those
stories, mostly in their small-size digests, but usually not
particularly good stories.  There are some great non-Barks stories
though, but I guess they didn't know where to find them and only saw
the non-Barks ducks as fillers they didn't care particularly much

Scrooge, being Barks's creation, wasn't used much by other artists
at that time though, Strobl being the main exception.

> First off, was that index the last thing in that digest? (...)

There is a listing of the contents at the head of every digest.
The messages after the Gottfredson list were:

: David A Gerstein	Rosa Norwegian story
: Chris Lawton		Why is Mickey ... ?
: Per Starback		Various replies
: Wilmer Rivers		of mice and ducks

so evidently you skipped four messages.

> And as for that index and looong digests: yes, since it's already
> costing ME too much to read through this stuff, please don't put such
> things in digests.

Maybe I will abstain from posting indexes and other reference material
to the list, and just give a pointer to where they can be found at the
archive.  But I will never act as a censor and put just some messages
in the digests and ditch others.  The only exceptions I've made are a
duplicated message and messages really meant for disney-comics-request,
as their authors didn't *mean* to send them to the list. 

Yes, some digests get big, but that's the purpose of a digest form of
the list, isn't it?:  Fewer but bigger messages.  Almost all
subscribers still get the list one message at a time as they are sent

If the cost is a problem I still think you ought to get net access
some other way.  I've already sent you a pointer to somewhere in
Louisville you can get net access for probably much less than
Compu$erve charges.

> Someone said that Jippes' JW stories have not been used outside
> Holland. Egmont has used at least one or two.

Are you sure?  I know that Stefan has translated a couple of them, but
I don't think they are printed yet.  He works about half a year before
publication I think.
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