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Sat Apr 15 09:16:38 CEST 1995

A thousand pardons. I'm still new to this whole Internet scene and it hasn't
fully sunk in how international all this is. Even so, it was a stupid mistake
to assume that just because you're reading a German-language comic that
you're German. (Not that there's anything wrong with being German. As near as
I can tell I'm a quarter German myself.) Anyway, Harry, I sincerely hope I
didn't offend you.

"Peace in Pieces" is the name of my story that's coming up soon. It's not
appearing in Donald Duck #31. It'll be in Donald Duck Adventures #33. It's
not as flashy as "Stampede and Deliver," but I think it came out OK. It's a
Neighbor Jones story--although I gather Neighbor Jones will be called
something else. (Apparently Vicar wasn't used to drawing Jones and so Jones
came out looking considerably different than the Barks version.) John Clark
at Gladstone told me that a small change in the script was being made to
indicate that this isn't Jones. Instead, it's just some guy who's renting out
Jones' house. Or something like that. The script's so old and it's been so
long since I talked to John about it that I can't remember exactly how it's
being handled.

Thanks for the info about the review copy you sent to Comics Buyer's Guide. I
do have a copy of "Peace in Pieces" as printed in Britain, but frankly the
"English" version of my "American English" script was quite watered down.
Much of the color was taken out of the language and the story just didn't
have a lot of zip. So I've been reluctant to send that version out for

By the way, the reason I had to revamp my Disney Comics stories from three
tiers to four tiers is that Van Horn was drawing all his stories three tier
at the time. Actually, now that I think of it, I only revamped "Peace in
Pieces." Van Horn did the revamping and trimming to get "Stampede and
Deliver" down to the size and format that Egmont needed. He cleared all the
cuts and changes with me. The only really major cut was a scene where the guy
in the helicopter announced on the radio something to the affect that Donald
was giving away free pizzas. People then came streaming out of their houses
and a huge mob started chasing Donald--who promptly does a U-turn and tries
to elude them by driving through a car wash. Anyway, Bill wasn't all that hot
to draw all those zillions of stampeding people and we had to get the page
count down--so the scene was cut. (Without that scene, though, I suppose the
title "Stampede and Deliver" doesn't make quite as much sense. Oh, well...

I'd like to receive the mailing list in its digest form. I gather I get
everything that's sent to the list, but it's just packed together in one
piece of mail every day for convienence sake. Thanks.

I received your message. It looks like you sent it directly to me rather than
to the mailing list. Consequently I'm sending a message directly to your
personal e-mail address. At least I hope so. I'm new to all this and my
message to you will be the first personal mail I've sent--so if  it doesn't
arrive please let me know.

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