Disney-comics digest #610.

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Wed Mar 15 07:15:00 CET 1995

        UNCLE WALT'S COLLECTORY? Yes, I've known about that for some time,
since I am doing the lead story (the NEW story) for the first issue. I was
waiting for Gladstone to announce the title before I mentioned it. This is
the "Showcase" type title they wanted to start about a year ago, but at the
time Disney wouldn't allow it (I think because somebody was on vacation and
somebody else was scared to okay it or some sorta typical corporate weasel
reason like that). Each issue will be something different with the comics
title in small lettering sorta like "Uncle Walt's Collectory presents...".
        Anyway, the first issue will contain the first story I've done for
Gladstone since 1988 (or '89?) and the issue will be "Uncle Walt's
Collectory presents UNCLE $CROOGE IN THE YUKON" and will contain my first
addendum chapter to "the Life and Times of $crooge McDuck", chapter 8B I
guess. Actually, it's a story that fits into $crooge's Yukon adventures
between the flashbacks in Barks' "Back to the Yukon" and my own "Last Sled
to Dawson". This story MIGHT be the first of 4 or 5 annual Yukon-$crooge
stories that I'm doing partly for the Dawson City - Yukon Gold Rush
centennial celebration that will be 1995-1999. These will be used as some
sorta souvenirs in Canada I guess -- I'm not sure what all Hamilton has
worked out with the Dawson City Fathers. The 1995 centennial involves the
NorthWest Mounted Police who established a Yukon fort in 1895... so I had to
involve them in the tale. What I've done is a 24-pager where Glittering
Goldie sends the Mounties after $crooge to arrest him for kidnapping her and
making her work his claim on White Agony Creek. 
        It's veeeerrrrryyy touchy trying to do a story with Goldie. My idea
is that Barks did the one and only story there can ever be about Goldie and
$crooge. I only used Goldie as a background observer in my chapter 8 of
"Lo$"... and the last time I used her (even then, NOT in a flashback
sequence) was in "Last Sled to Dawson" in 1987. So I knew I could do a
Goldie-$crooge story set in 1898, but ONLY if I did NOT have them interact.
So throughout my story, even though they are both the stars, they NEVER come
into contact with each other until the climax in big "Gone With the Wind"
fire scene where they confront each other across the blazing Blackjack
Ballroom, and... oh, that's enough. You can see it in June or July and see
if it's any good. Actually, I sorta like this story, and I usually dislike
my stuff. I still won't have it finished for another few weeks.
        The rest of the issue will be reprints of other old Disney stories
that involve the Yukon. But no Barks/Ducks since Gladstone/Disney has
recently reprinted both of those ("Back to the Klondike" and "North of the
Yukon"... if you even count the latter, which actually takes place in Alaska).

        I'm trying to get established on INTERNET and learn to find my way
around there. I see there's a section done in Holland concerning comics, but
there wasn't anything on it about Ducks, and in another section where I
THINK (it was in Dutch) favorite comics were being listed, I saw hardly
anything about Barks/Ducks (and no mention of "Rosa" which naturally I was
hoping to see!) Aren't the Ducks as popular in Holland as I thought?

        Again, I'm just now trying to learn about INTERNET. But why don't I
see this newsgroup mentioned in any lists of comic sections or newsgroups?
Or am I just missing it? Where do people who are "surfing the Net" find out
about this group? Maybe I'll figure that out when I learn more about it.

        Anyway, no need for anyone to send me mail through COMPUSERVE any
longer. I'm now donrosa at iglou.com on INTERNET. Now I won't need to PAY to
read mail or Digests... however, I now need to pay a new server so that I
don't have to pay to read INTERNET mail -- so it's all gonna work out pretty
close to the same in the end, unless I drp COMPUSERVE completely, which I
well might.

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