Mickey vs. Donald

Arthur_de_Wolf wolfman at pi.net
Fri Sep 1 19:32:19 CEST 1995


>> I am a big comic book fan.  Do you have any comics with Mickey or Minnie.
> There was a comic called "Mickey and Donald" in the USA, but that one 
> doesn't exist anymore.

Hasn't that title been changed into "Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse"?
Isn't it interesting to see that -Mickey- titled comics, have just
disappaired in the States and in Holland? The Dutch "Mickey Maandblad"
was a nice comic from 1976. But in 1989 it suddenly stopped. And
Gladstone's "Mickey Mouse" was also quite a long-running title.
I believe that #256 was the last one in 1990, and then ... after a 
couple of years, when Gladstone took everything over from Disney Comics,
"Mickey Mouse" didn't exist anymore.

What's the reason for this? Have Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge become
more popular than Mickey Mouse and Goofy? It must be! Look at the
popularity of Don Rosa and Carl Barks. Or is it, that there just
aren't enough Mickey-stories created? Maybe it's because Paul Murry
passed away on August 4th 1989. He made a lot of stories with Mickey
in it. But in France and Italy, they still make Mickey Mouse stories. 
And the S-xxxxx stories are often about Mickey too. 

When Disney Comics produced the Disney comics, they had a title
called "Mickey Mouse Adventures". Mickey also appaired in "Goofy
Adventures". I liked the stories in those comics! There were a lot
of *new* stories created back then. People wrote to "Goofy Adventures"
that Goofy had to appair as James Bond, and they made a story
in which Goofy was James Bond! Nowadays, the stories in "Donald and 
Mickey", or "Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse", only contain reprints
of Mickey-stories. Mostly Paul Murry and Daily-stories. And, as 
you (who?) said, Mickey does not have his own comic-title anymore. 
He has to share it with Donald.

The USA and Holland don't have Mickey comics. (Although the Italian
Mickey-stories still appair in the Dutch "Donald Duck Pockets")
But what about other countries? I know of the following countries,
that still have Mickey-titled-comics: China, Columbia, Egypt, France,
Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia and
Spain. There must be more, but these are just a few examples of
countries that _do_ have Mickey-titled comics. In countries like
France, "Le Journal de Mickey", is the most important weekly comic.
They also have "Mickey Jeux", "Mickey Parade" and other Mickey-based
comics. I think Mickey is more popular than Donald in France!


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