Unsubscriptions & name changes

Daniel van Eijmeren daniel at maisie.ow.nl
Mon Sep 4 19:51:14 CEST 1995


> Well, the situation is getting out of hand, and getting worse by the
> minute. (...) But now there's light at the end of the tunnel.  I 
> have at last taken steps to use smarter mailing list software 
> (probably SmartList) (...)

Do you mean a programm that filters out unsubscribe-messages *before* 
they are send to all members of this club? I think that's a very good 
solution for the unsubscribe-problems. (Is there also such a solution 
for those bounces?)

> It's evident that many people who subscribe to this mailing list think
> it's something that it isn't. (...) Even though it seems like the
> name "disney-comics" is perfect to convey the notion that it's about
> "Disney comics" I suspect it really isn't, and maybe we would benefit
> from a new name without Disney in the name?

No, I don't think that we should change the name "Disney-Comics" into 
something else. Now we're getting members who think that this club is 
about Disney-animation (etc), but I think we'll get lots of 
NON-Disney mail about comics if we leave out the name "Disney" in the 
title. So, whatever name we choose, there will always be people who 
think the club is about something else. 

And it is *not* said that people unsubscribe because they thought the 
club was about other Disney-subjects. It's also possible that they 
expected *other discussions* about comics than the ones we have here. 
Maybe they think there's too much "backstage"-talking here, or maybe 
they think the discussion-level is too high. Maybe they only wanted 
to talk about Donald Duck and nothing more.

My vote would go to what FREDRIK wrote today: Subscribing people in 
two steps. Sending them a message first which tells what this club 
is about, and then subscribe them after they agreed. I think that's a 
good way to filter out a lot of people who otherwise would have 
subscribed to the wrong club.


--- Daniel

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