Disney-comics digest #775.

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Tue Sep 5 07:24:00 CEST 1995

        Oh, I see what you're saying about some of these "unsubscribers"
never even seeing the Digest with your message. That does make it more
difficult. But I'm glad you think you might find another way to clear it up. 
        Your new software which would filter out administrative messages
sounds good. Also the idea somebody had of "subscribing" people in a TWO
step method, first with a message describing exactly what they're getting
into... that's a good idea as well.
        As for changing the name, I think "Disney Comics" doesn't give some
"comic-illiterate" people (which is most Americans) enough pause to consider
the terminology. There's a great deal of confusion here in America as to
exactly what a comic STRIP is compared to a comic BOOK... or what "cartoons"
are (animated? or political cartoons? or what?)
        I might suggest a name that would get their attention slightly more
focused is "Disney Comic Books"... but then, if there are Internet
directories that are giving the false info about the contents of this
newsgroup, no name change is going to help. "Disney Comic Books" would also
ignore the subject of newspaper strips. "Disney Comic Books and Newspaper
Strips"? Too long, eh?
        I would STRONGLY speak against dropping the name of Disney from the
title, until Disney orders you to, which from the looks of the number of
groups using that name, would seem unlikely. To make our title something to
do with "Ducks" would get hunters or birdwatchers calling in, then "please
unsubscribe me"ing. And to use the name "Barks" as the key word would
eliminate anyone who is not completely cognoscente of that SECRET
information that there are people like Barks or Gottfriedson writing/drawing
these comics, and that they are not all done by "Walt Disney", which I fear
most of the Unwashed Masses are still lead to believe. The knowledge of the
names of these creators, even Barks, is VERY esoteric knowledge to an
incredibly select group. In Europe, ALL comic fans and a great percentage of
the public know who Barks is. In America, not even many of the average comic
book collectors (i.e.- super-hero fanboys) have the slightest inkling who
Barks is. So using his name would hide us too well. How many of us knew who
Barks was from the first? I loved his stuff for nearly 20 years before I
learned his name.
        I think your new screening software plus a two-step subscibing
method would clear up most of the trouble. Hm?

        Which do I consider the "original edition"? When my stories are used
by Egmont or when they are reprinted by Gladstone in my own language, the
language they were written in? It's impossible to say the Egmont versions
are not the "original editions", but I never think in those terms. I think
that the Egmont editions are the "preliminary editions" and when Gladstone
prints them, that is definitely the "OFFICIAL edition". It's hard to see it
any other way when it's not until Gladstone prints them that they are
lettered or colored well, or that I'm certain that my script is used. But
now I see the Italians also doing what seem to be beautiful versions, and
perhaps the Greeks as well. But still, the Gladstones are the one and only
OFFICIAL editions, presented under my scrutiny (except when I goof up) and
presented in the original language in the country of the characters' "birth".

        Glad to see you stop lurking. I had to say I admired your choice of
a tag line to your message. "No man is poor who can do what he LIKES to do
once in a while!" Wasn't there another line before that? Something like
"Bah! Kid talk!"? That is my favorite single line of Barks dialogue from my
favorite single Barks page! (For late-comers, it's the last page of the
first actual "Uncle $crooge" story, "Only a Poor Old Man".) If I could ever
do ONE page as great as that, I'll be a happy guy!

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