Moe gets renamed

David A Gerstein David.A.Gerstein at
Tue Sep 5 22:45:15 CEST 1995

	Hi, gang.  Here's my first attempt to reach the Disney digest
from my new/old Williams E-Mail address.  I'm a senior now... but as
clueless about what's going on around here as if I were a freshman.
Shows you what a year in Scotland will do, lads.

	The big news for today is that since Vicar didn't draw Hard
Haid Moe correctly for my D-story featuring him, my editor at Egmont
and I decided to give the hillbilly in my duck tale a new name, which is
to be "Abbott McGoon" (a nod to Al Capp in there, of course).  The
REAL Moe will eventually show up in another one of my stories,
although I haven't really worked its plot out yet.
	Why I chose the new name will be evident when Gladstone prints
the story, although that could be years from now.  Egmont will be
printing it this fall.

	I've got lots of things to tell all of you, now that I have
REGULAR E-mail access again.  More tomorrow.

	David Gerstein
	At last at:  <96dag at>
	"Have a chestnut, boys! ... OW!"

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