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Thu Sep 7 18:48:48 CEST 1995

I picked up the latest Uncle Scrooge Adventures last night
(can't remember the issue number), and it's mostly a Dutch
story I translated last year ("The Temple Treasure of Khaos").
To my amazement, the editor let stand an in-joke I slipped in:
a camel driver was given the mock-Egyptian name Kheno ben Rhosa.
So there it is for all of you on the ML to marvel at!

Next up in Uncle Scrooge Adventures is "The Diamond of Duncan
McDuck," another Dutch story I translated last year. After that
is the "Pinchpenny van Dukke" Dutch Donald Duck story (our members
who live in windmills, wear wooden shoes, and grow tulips will
perhaps recall it as the "Deckselsen Duck" story), which I would
presume would be slated for Donald Duck Adventures but I haven't
seen the schedule.
Note to JORGEN--

What was the Rota story you mentioned appearing recently in Norway?
Egmont has had me translate some of his stories from Italian into
English, and I'd be curious to find out which ones are showing up

--Dwight Decker

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