Aladdin pictures!

Arthur de Wolf wolfman at
Wed Sep 13 17:32:17 CEST 1995


> Arthur de Wolf once told me about a place where you can also get some 
> scripts of Disney-movies, maybe he can tell you more?

Well, I did find some places on the web, on which you can find some
neat Disney stuff! But they aren't hard to find. On "http://www.update." (Per's pages) alone, you can find some 
links to Disney related web-sites.

The place where I got some scripts of Disney animated features,
was on "", which is the Buena Vista Movieplex.
Other Disney-Links can be found on "
summeren/dislinks.html" or "
other-disney.html". As I said, it's not hard at all to find such
places. Just go to a 'Web-Index' like The Global Network Navigator' 
("") or Lycos ("")
and just search for the word 'Disney'. 

Those are just some URL's I wrote down, but there are many, many
more Disney-related websites, and 'Web-indexes'.

I hope you can find some Aladdin pictures now! :-)

-- Arthur.

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