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Hello boys.

I've been in the lurking mode for a while, but now I feel the need to throw
my 2 cents coin in.

As a start, welcome aboard to Francesco (Frank) and Leonardo. It is a
pleasure to see that the Italian community is growing bigger and bigger...

(As a side note: Frank wrote

>At that time my family moved to Waterloo, Belgium. As a sort of
>compensation for having left all my schoolfriends behind, I was granted a
>subscription to Topolino. A couple of years later this was stopped, on
>the grounds that I was a grown-up and I was not supposed to have that
>childish passion for comics, and all that sort of rubbish (sounds
>familiar to you? I hope not...).

Of course it sounds familiar. Italian parents must have had a common
dislike for comics in the Seventies. And yes, also many of my comics were
thrown away...)

About Rota: yes, he stopped writing Disney stories after Mondadori lost its
licensing. He started again some years ago, working directly for Egmont
(and part of this stuff has been reprinted in Mega Almanacco). The Zio
paperone covers are the first things he has done explicitly for
Disney-Italy but, as far as I know, there are also some longer stories that
should appear in the next year.

About Jerry Siegel: I think that he usually sent plots rather than scripts,
and that those were elaborate here in Italy by the Mondadori bullpen
authors. And no, I think nothing of his works ever appeared in America.

About CWDNS: the current issue is 235, and no, they are never reprinted.
The ood-number CWDNS contained reprints of CWD until issue 69. Only 34 out
of 71: the collectors market is simply too happy of this.

About Perego. Frank wrote:

>I agree, Perego's art is ugly. Not only his glue, but his full-length
>stories too. He could take beautiful scripts from, say, Rodolfo
>Cimino, and turn them into something you wouldn't want to read :-( The
>worst thing though is not his glue (you just skip it) or his stories,
>but the panels he used to draw to join the episodes of the same story
>by someone else!  The longer (>30 pages) stories were normally
>published in two or three weekly installments in Topolino; when
>reprinted in the CWDs, the editor (curse on him, whoever he was)
>thought it was a good idea to pretend that the stories had never been
>splitted in the first place, so they consistently removed the opening
>page from the 2nd and subsequent installments, butchered the last few
>panels of the 1st to n-1th installments and stitched the lot together
>with some Perego junk... Arghhh!
>Having said all this, I think it's hard to say that Perego is the
>worst Disney comics artist ever. There's no lower bound, believe me,
>and there are several I consider even worse (Giancarlo Gatti to name

Well, poor Gatti... :-) Anyhow, we already butchered Perego some time ago.
Let us give him some rest! :-) Note also that sometimes the opening (of the
second installment) and closing (of the first one) pages were sometimes
redrawn by the same artist who did the story. I have a nice original
closing page by Scarpa from Paperin Fracasssa, and it has a new piece of
art (drawn by Scarpa) glued on the old one who had the caption closing the

About David:

>        So go on, Fabio, buy a thousand copies, tell Disney Italy why
>you did it, and then they'll put my stories into the ZIO PAPERONE with
>Rosa and Rota and Jippes ;-) ;-) ;-)

I'll do that, my dear friend. I hope the next Italian tour Disney Italy
organizes will be the one for you ;-).
Btw, any plan for coming back to Old Europe. And moreover: how many dollars
I still owe you for the S.Diego Con? I do not remember...

And now, for something completely different, let me go back to my thesis.

Bye for now,

Fabio (still appreciating Dorfman and Mittelart... :-)

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