How to read foreign comics

H.W. Fluks fluks at
Fri Sep 15 18:20:14 CEST 1995

I got a copy of the Dutch translation of "How to read Donald Duck" by
Dorfman and Mattelart from our local library. (I last read it about 10
years ago.)
There's still a lot of nonsense in that book, but also a lot of truths!

But my mail is about the introduction to the Dutch translation. They
say something about issues, partly translated from David Kunzle's
English version.

In about 1974, Chile had 4 Disney periodics (1 weekly, 3 bi-weekly), that
were also published in Peru, Paraguay and Argentina. (800.000 copies a month.)

1/3 of the stories was from the Disney Studio's (S-coded), 1/3 from Western,
1/4 from Italy and a small part from Brazil and Denmark.

There was also a Columbian/Mexican edition, which contained almost nothing but
USA material. Brazil had 5 periodicals which sold 2 million copies a month.
In Brazil, 1/5th of the stories were produced in the country itself.

This is all data from 1974. But I may help in Arthur's Disney comic country


"What a nice little fellers!"
"Watch it, guys! You can't touch a Pigmy! They get angry when you do that!"
(very insulting quote from a Strobl story, translated from the Chile version)

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