Darkest africa redrawn

fumetti@alpcom.it fumetti at alpcom.it
Tue Sep 19 00:11:38 CEST 1995

What Leonardo Gori said about the Barks' story "DD in Darkest Africa" (with
the "Almostus Extinctus" butterfly) is true! That story was published in
Italy in 1951 and was given as a gift to the members of the Mickey Mouse
Club and was not censored at all. If someone asks me, I can make a scanned
copy of a few pages available (in .gif file format) at the Anonima Fumetti's
web pages (http://www.alpcom.it/fumetti/), on demand.
Gianfranco Goria, cartoonist and comics divulger: goria at inrete.alpcom.it
president of Anonima Fumetti - Italian  cartoonists society: fumetti at alpcom.it

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