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Tue Sep 19 21:12:54 CEST 1995


> Well done for your list! Very nice thing to do. I suggest that, if 
> you can, you also put the date (at least the year) next to the issue
> number, to make consultation easier.

Thanks for the nice words! Yes, I also think that it's a good idea to 
put at least a year next to the number of the issue in such lists.


Some time ago you posted a message in which you said you were adding 
the cover-dates to the lists of comics in the database. Does this 
mean that these dates are also put next to every story *in* such a 
comic? So that, if you make a Barks-adaption of the database, you'll 
also get the publishing dates of the Barks-stories? I think that 
would be very nice. 


>> Here is my list with first appearances of Barks-characters. 
>> Scrooge's money-swimming  US 386a  "Only a Poor Old Man"
> There  is  a "money-swim" in the "Money Allergy" story in WDCS 124.

You're right! Thanks for correcting me. I will now notice WDC 124 as 
the first story in which Scrooge swam in his money. Or are there 
still older stories in which he did so?

(There is at least one older story in which Scrooge takes a *bath* in 
his money (Voodoo Hoodoo), but that doesn't count IMHO. It's the 
*swimming* that became such a typical habit for Scrooge.) 


Welcome! It's very nice to see there's also a member here from 
Luxembourg. Which comic-books do you read in Luxembourg? Are they 
mainly from France or are they mainly from Germany?

You said you also have Dutch Disney comics? Are they also available 
in Luxembourg? Sorry for my lack of knowlegde, but which language do 
you speak in Luxembourg? Is it mainly France or mainly German? Or is 
Luxemburgian a language of its own? 

Just curious...


--- Daniel

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