Disney-comics digest #794.

Gaiist@aol.com Gaiist at aol.com
Mon Sep 25 07:29:23 CET 1995

>I don't understand this. Why is it important that Americans >make the new
>stories? Is that better for the quality of a story? If so, why?


>....translators can make a story just as entertaining as the original.

>I enjoy good foreign stories as much as good American >stories.  But
>pride does kick in a little when I read an original American >story.

>-- Wes

Wes is toooooo kind.  The European stories are all pretty lame compared to
even the most mediocre material produced by the American Disney writers and
artists--including  that originally published by Dell and the recent
Gladstone material by Rosa, Van Horn, and Block/Fernandez.  Europeans tend to
manufacture padded stories with predictable plots, unsatisfying
characterization, and very little humor.  But then, what can you expect?
 Disney himself was a uniquely American phenomenon.


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