Uncles and Jippes (Re: digest #794)

H.W. Fluks fluks at pcssdc.pttnwb.nl
Mon Sep 25 18:17:11 CET 1995

Jakob So/derbaum is talking in riddles:

> HARRY W. FLUKS (Tag en flukt pa den! ;-) ):

Nej, jag forstaa det inte. Or so. (My Swedish is probably worse
than Dwight's Dutch... 8-)

> No, to be serious; who *is* "uncle Aaldrik", BTW.?

Aaldrik is the name of my father. My point was, that Ludwig
Von Drake can't possibly be HDL's father, because they call
him "uncle".

> Don't know. But they also call Scrooge "Uncle". And he ain't
> *their* uncle for sure!

But there is no usual name for "grandmother's brother". At least
not in English or Dutch. Maybe in Swedish? "farmorbror" or so?

> Well, HDL call Scrooge "Uncle", and it's also unusual to call
> their grandma's brother that, don't you think?

No, that's VERY usual. All distant relatives are "uncles" and

About re-inked Junior Woodchucks-scripts:
> Stefan Dios (our Duck- and
> Mice-magazine translator) wrote about it in NAFS(k)uriren Nr.24.

Thanks for the translation. But his article didn't contain anything we did
not already know.

Quoting Stefan Dio"s:
> I'm not able to describe exactly how it all
> happened, but what's going on is that the Dutchman Daan Jippes is
> re-drawing all of those old stories after Barks' original
> sketches. Because of the 'H' (as in Holland) in the story-code I
> suppose that it's the Dutch Disney-publisher Oberon that is the
> source to the project...

Oberon (now called GP) ran out of reprintable Barks-stories. They wanted
to reprint the JW stories, but they did not like the artwork. At the same
time, Jippes offered to do something for them, so he could make some
extra money. So Thom Roep xeroxed the pencil pages from the Carl Barks
Library, and mailed them to Jippes. Jippes had the freedom to choose the
stories he liked first.

>    So now he has studied the original Barks-sketches slavily and
> inked those old Junior Woodchucks-stories *exactly* in Barks own
> style. He even changed back all the things that Western-
> publishing changed in Barks' sketches!

He didn't have to "change back" anything, because he worked from
the original scripts. He just ignored the fat black lines from the editor.

(Back to Jakob:)
> And I can also tell you, Daniel, that Jippes IS to re-ink every
> single one of those Junior Woodchucks-stories!

Now where did you get that information? The last thing I heard (from GP)
is that Jippes STOPPED drawing them, but that Thom Roep is continuously
pushing him to go on.


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