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Tue Sep 26 05:24:05 CET 1995

     The information I needed to compile a story list came this morning and
so I typed this up. Danish Publication refers, of course, to when a story has
appeared or is scheduled to appear in Anders And & Co.
     Unfortunately, it's not a very big list. My work schedule has been
extremely limited in the last few years and I'm constantly scrambling for
little scraps of time so I can get some work done. (Health problems--combined
with the need to care for our two children while my wife works--have kept me
somewhat on the sidelines. Even though I can make more money  per hour
writing (at least theoretically) than my wife can as a nurse she has to work
so that our family qualifies for health insurance from her employer. If we
ever get our childcare problems resolved--which are difficult because our
two-year-old has several disabilities and needs extra care and therapy
several times a week--my output will doubtlessly increase.
     In the meantime, here's my list. Harry, you've already got all the info
on all the stories I've done for Gladstone. This is the rest of my Disney

CODES        Danish          Page          Story Title
                Publication    Count

D 92568     AA 8/94       11       NO TIME FOR NAPPIN'
D 92211     AA 42/93     12       STAMPEDE AND DELIVER
D 92253                           1       HAPPY TO MEET YOU
D 92226     AA 43/93     11       HI-TECH, LOW-DOWN BLUES
D 92212     AA 34/93     14       PEACE IN PIECES
D 92041     AA 18/94     14       THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES
D 93394     AA 10/95       2       PEEK-A-BOO BUNNY
D 93393                           1       SOMETHING FISHY
D 93392     AA 41/94       6       HOCUS POCUS HYPNOSIS
D 93155     AA 34/95       5       FIFTY-CENT FRENZY
D 93062                           1       FEUD OF LIGHTS
D 93061                           1       HOME COOKING
D 93060                           1       DANGEROUS AND DANGEROUSER
D 94147                         10       TERROR IN THE TRASH
D 94111     AA 37/95     10       THE SWELL OF SUCCESS
D 95154                         12       ROMANCE AT A GLANCE
D 95099                         14       CAUGHT IN THE COLD RUSH
D 95020     AA 2/96       10       SNOW SMITTEN

     I did two other Disney stories that don't have codes and appeared only
in "Disney's DuckTales Magazine" which probably only appeared in the U.S. and
Canada. "The Count of McDuck" was a 4-pager and appeared in the Summer 1990
issue of the magazine. "Scrooge's Nose Knows Gold" appeared in the Fall 1990
     I also scripted a 62-page graphic novel (a fancy word for a really long
comic book) adaption of Disney's "DuckTales The Movie: Treasure of the Lost
Lamp." It was published by Walt Disney Publications in 1990 and the art was
by Cosme Quartieri, Robert Bat, Carlos Valenti and Ruben Torreiro. The
original movie script was written by Alan Burnett. There's no story code for
this comic either.

Well, that's it. Harry, I hope you have a nice vacation. You are going to
mail us all post cards--aren't you?

---John Lustig

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