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Arie Fachrisal cien2 at cbn.net.id
Wed Feb 9 15:23:16 CET 2000

> Don was only talking about doing a Lo$ *in the future*.
> Yes, *every year or so*. Meaning one in 2000, one in 2001, one in 2002, et
> cetera.
> But he's currently working on his *first* 3C story.

> > BTW the
> > reason i said something about drugs is because in Indonesian
> > drugs have been sold to elementary kids. Imagine that. X(
> What's wrong with that? 8-)
You have got to be kidding. When i said elemntary kids i mean kids at age
7-10 years old, but i do get your point:-)

> > Liu Bei looked back and he saw a big muscular man
> Yeah... whatever.
Ha-ha-ha, enough pissing people in this mailing list. BTW, most of you have
heard and read about King Arthur and The Knights of The Round Table, right?
Well, IMHO Romance of The Three Kingdoms is also a great literature and also
The Sun Tzu's Art of War. Why am i telling all this? Because i thought maybe
some of the members like to read historical stuffs and like it. Well, these
two titles i gave are historical.

BTW about the duck vs man discussion, it made me remember about a TV show i
watched when i was a small kid. i nearly forgot every little details of it.
But i do remember this: Disney is having a TV show for a special event, and
there's this big hall and a stage. All the seats are taken but the two front
seats are left empty. The lights deemed a little, the focussing lights on,
and instead of focusing on the stage, the lights were focused on the
hallway??? or the front seats??? which the ones to sit there are DD and DD
(Donald Duck and Daisy Duck:-)) That was pretty amusing for me even now and
since i was a kid there and my imaginations still runnin' wild, i thought
the idea a "live" DD is a very very fantastic to be true. Well, anyway what
i thought is that DD and the ducks' characters are all to be meant as
characters equal to men and not real men. They will still retains their duck
shape and all. And if us, DCMLers want to join the duck world, we WILL HAVE
TO change shape into dogs, pigs, and other creatures with brown nose in
order to fit in the ducks' world. As i recall, Teddy in a chapter of Lo$ was
drawn by DR to be somethin' like a creature with brown nose. Well anyway
that is my opinion, i'm sure others won't agree to that. And anyone can
remember what the TV show that i was babbling about?

Arie Fachrisal

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