skin color

Arie Fachrisal cien2 at
Thu Mar 2 16:49:10 CET 2000

> Arie:
> | Being yellow, i've never even think of any skin colour of Donald and
> [and some more]
 >    Jørgen
> I guess you and Bamse prove what I thought - that the skin colour is just
> irrelevant.
> BTW, it's funny that you call yourself yellow. When I was a kid we were
> told that it was racist to call Asian people yellow. A lot of people
> were politically correct on other's behalf in the seventies...
Hmm, it is not that odd, i think. it's like introducing ourselves just like
you did. i'm white, and maybe someone else said i'm black. it's not really
offensive BUT the offensive things come when someone else describe your skin
colour, mostly with a very bad ill will. ie. hey look at the black over
there, whic you would rather say hey lookat the MAN over there. Now that
(naming the skin colour) is very unpolite. It's what you cvalled racists.
but introducing our own skin colour is more of identifying ourselves to
others. That's just my opinion really.

BTW, i'm kinda used to racism things since i've been livin here growing up
with some discrimination treatments from some racists here. FYI, i am
actually have chinese blood and chinese are not very well liked here in
Indonesia. The fact is known of the May 1997 incident where hundreds of
indo-chinese women were raped, the men were killed or brutally abuse and
there's this massive open-robbing and burning. The capital where i live was
in a BIG chaos. The military couldn't or wouldn't do a thing to stop it.
Indo-chinese people's house were looted and the house were burned. My cousin
was a victim there and he saw very frightening scenes. i was luckily at my
home. At the incident, the capital was practically stopped all activities
for TWO WEEKS and many of us, chinese and real Indonesian ones stayed all
night to guard for the threats of looters and etc.

Enough about that though.


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