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Anders Christian Sivebaek acsive at
Tue Mar 7 16:35:14 CET 2000

Per Joakim
There certainly are some coincidences about this Joakim-name. 

> > I was recently rereading his delightful story "Oolated Luck," and
who do we 
> > see as supporting characters but the Phishkisser Brothers,
That those supporting charecters are what they are is simply so
logical, and screamingly funny!

> like that. Cf: Monkey's Eyebrow, Kentucky...)
How about Yelli-babies? ;-)

> There was a can
> labelled "OOLATED SQUIGGS" showing in a cupboard that Donald > is
looking in
> in some old Barks tale... 
Hrmmm! There it is: The same story as the Barks Dog food, and that's...
GB 13

Now, this is a guess: Turky-story: WDC 75, on page 4 panel 2 Donald
looks in a cupboard, and panel 4 shows a can with a fish. In the danish
version it says fish soup. Is this close?
Kriton, you can check this if you want. 

Biking is healthy for you, but maybe you should buy a new bike, if the
old one is rusty (or maybe you're joking there) But there sure is some
magic in that name. 

Luca about Emil
> Barks NEVER used him.
I thought so, it confused me seeing the other thing stated here. 
Well, the reason why some believe that he is a barks-charecter is that
Gyro is that, and those two often compete, and Gyro almost always wins.

I have a friend who likes Emil very much. Hi Rob. 

Pietro Reynaud-Bersanino 

I'm glad to hear that your wife has that ability. This shows that some
whites/pinkare close to animals. And I'm sad that I can't myself talk
to my rabbit. (She would tell me that the illness next to hear left eye
is iritating)

> In my opinion the best in Yakari is the design of the pages!
I see. 

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