Aku Ankka 18/00

Ari Seppi mani at sci.fi
Thu Nov 2 13:14:12 CET 2000

> From: "Arttu Salminen" <arttu_salminen at hotmail.com>
> Date:   Wed, 01 Nov 2000 17:54:53 EET
> In Finnish Aku Ankka number 18/00 there was Don Rosa's storie "The Coin". 
> The storie itself was great, but the layout looked a bit like it would been 
> printed from internet (of course, if it would been, it would be much worse, 
> I quess). So, does anyone know why was the layout like that or was it just 
> my copy?

No, it wasn't just your copy. It was an error in the press, they printed
the black color from the wrong file.

Ari Seppi (mani at sci.fi)
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