Apostolis: DD's Marriage; All: Don Rosa's Kalevala

Arthur Faria Jr. arthurfaria at projesom.com.br
Wed Oct 11 18:50:22 CEST 2000

    Apostolis wrote:

> Also, I would like to upload the "Donald's Marriage" story in my page
> but I don't have the links to your page. Where can I find that particular
> story?

I uploaded it in 4 parts:

- 1st part can be found at:


- 2nd and 3rd parts were uploaded a month ago (already
deleted now). I don't know if somebody get them.
I can upload them again if you can't find them.

- Last part is still at:


>I scanned the Don Rosa's "The Curse of Nostrildamus" story and I'll upload
>it today. Take a look at "Don Rosa's Library" Section of my page.
>Also, I'm going to scan stories like "His Magesty Mc Duck" (Don Rosa) 

    Great! :-)


Don Rosa's "Quest for Kalevala" has been published in 
October issue (# 423) of Brazilian "Tio Patinhas"
(3 part version). Unhappily in Abril Jovem's ridicule "small format"
(13 x 19 cm) and scan resolution just acceptable :-(

Well, since Don's stories are rare over here, it's welcome

     -- Arthur.

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