552: Drams and BB vs. MB

Anders Christian Siveb¾k anders_sivebaek at nns.dk
Fri Jun 1 16:17:42 CEST 2001

Hi friends

>Hi! I just want to tell you that tonight, I had a really weird dream. I 
>dreamed that the king of Norway made Dan Shane a royal knight. Quite odd, 
>since I don't know what Dan Shane looks like, but that was my dream. Ciao!

I don't find it odd todream about something which you have great interest
in. I both met Carl Barks and Don Rosa talking to George Lucas in my
dreams. There will sadly be no chance of the first anymore, and I don't
really recall what Don and George were talking about...
>ell, maybe they'll see them when that story is reprinted in the German
>"Rosa Album" series.
They sure hope so. 
Album 27 I guess. 
>Speaking a bit more on the blueprints, I've now seen all three of the "Big
Wasn't that also what they called Chrurchill, Roosevelt and Stalin? 

>weekly versions of it, all of the versions that Dan Shane created on
>his computer here in Louisville and which were printed directly from his
>computer file into the Egmont comics. And each printing is different. All
>are rather nice, but they're still different.
Yes, very

>The Swedish version looks good, but the blue is a light turquoise. Still,
>no problem.
I look forward to see that one

Interesting info about the press at Egmont. I have noticed the fact about 
different paper quality for years of course. It's the reason many of the 
continued stories are partly destroyed by their darned glue when they
a (childish or not) gift for the reader. They put it in the middle, where
change of paper quality is. 
I remember back in the 80'es and maybe untill 1994 where the old press 
could take all pages exept the coiver which had to be in this glossy
It was one quality then. If they keep on this two-quality-business it's
I'm glad you're satisfied especially with the page 1 of those prints. 

Does others here recall the new gate of triumph, in la Defense near Paris?
The danish translator made the architecht be the duck-counterpart of him. 
Johand (and means duck) Sprækkelsen (Sprechelsen). Sprechelsen was 
the actual architecht of that, and that makes it true that the architecht
square buildings. (Did he make this up for the danish one or did Francis
was his name make box-formed buildings too?)

The norwegians usally write the writer and artist under the splash panel
of a story. 
That they put it in the caption under the Bin is their doing. Readers who
know you, 
would know that you didn't tell them to do so.  You should be told btw
that the 
norwegian title of the series seems to be honnor to Barks, which they
wouldn't write 
two times. The danish one says created by Barks those two places. 
So for once I can be a bit proud of the danish result. But still some
goofs as made, 
two empty speech bubbles and such. 
Plus the fact about the coloring, which is equal for all 3 I think. The
golden fleece is white. 
And the tooth from the jade-elephant in Treasure of Marco Polo is grey,
insetad of green
 as it's supposed to be. 
>Finally, in the panel where the Beagles emerge from the well in the
>basement of the Bin, and they are supposed to be looking at a wall where a
>disgruntled workman has scrawled nasty graffiti about Mr. McDuck, this
>being how the Beagles know they are in the Bin. But in the Norwegian
>version there is no graffiti! The wall is blank! How do they know where
>they are?
I'll want to check this. that's a detail I hadn't noticed! (See it's
necessary to read those 
stories at least 5 times to get it all... I'm at no. 4 and 1 hour away
from my issue!)

Anders Christian Sivebæk

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