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Thu Jun 7 20:47:11 CEST 2001

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>François wrote:
> On the "Barks and Rosa" forum I heard that [...]
>Yet another forum? How many mailing lists and forums do I need to
>subscribe to in order to keep up-to-date?
>Why not just stick to DCML?

Here is a reply from John Glade:


I don't care for mailing lists because I haven't had good experiences with
them. The first mailing list I joined was an academic one, dealing with the
literature of the Viet Nam War; it was so busy that I was literally swamped
by messages, around a hundred on a slow day and up to three hundred on a
weekend. Many of the messages were boring or were about things I had little
or no interest in, and I desubscribed after a few weeks (also for a group of
academics, there were some incredibly stupid people involved). The next
mailing list I joined was almost the opposite; although there were over a
hundred members of record, messages averaged about four or five a week and
most of those were pure spam. I still belong to one mailing list, which is
usually dormant but occassionally surges to life for a brief period.
Overall, I don't get much of a feeling for who is on the other end of
messages from a mailing list, but I usually do in a club. I also like some
of the features available at yahoo clubs like the photos section and the
links. I know about attachments from mailing lists, but I either have to
dump them to conserve space on my home e-mail or dump them because of the
space limitations of my yahoo email.

I realize that my experiences with mailing lists are probably not typical or
not typical of all mailing lists, but they have helped convince me that I
would just as soon stick with clubs.

My two cents,



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