MIKY MAOUS...and more

Francesco Spreafico frspreaf at tin.it
Sat Jun 9 23:40:07 CEST 2001

From: "Dr. Archontis Pantsios" <apantsio at ac.anatolia.edu.gr>

> a) Mickey Mouse in "Il cavatappi di Tuzco", from "Topolino" #1047, 1975
> pages). Script & art: Romano Scarpa.

31 pages? Not 33? they must have cut it.

> c) Gyro Gearloose in "La casa in 4D", from "Topolino" #2247, 1998 (15
> pages). Script: Giorgio Figus; Art: Paolo Campinoti.

This one is definitely based on a 1942 short story by Robert A. Heinlein:
"-And He Built a Crooked House".
If I remember correctly, Figus wanted to have a note written about this on
Topolino, but the editors didn't put it.


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