Dumbo and Barks

Halvor Sandven Halvor_Sandven at no.mailandnews.com
Mon Jun 11 10:27:05 CEST 2001


As you know, Barks didn't write all the stories he drew. Re-reading some old 
norwegian weeklies, I came across a story published in number 7 in 1961. This 
was a Grandma Duck-story, also starring HDL and Gus Goose. What's a bit 
unusual, is that the story also includes Brer Fox and Dumbo! Dumbo is hired by 
the boys as the new scarecrow, but Brer Fox who wants to steal the corn 
dresses up as the old scarecrow's ghost (!) and tries to scare Dumbo away. The 
code is W OS 1010.

I like to consider Barks and Rosas stories as what really happened to the 
ducks, and other stories as some sort of 'alternative reality', not to say 
that I may often find these stories very enjoyable. I'm a bit unsure what to 
make of stories like this one. Should Dumbo be included in Barks universe, and 
is it right that HDL know this character? I find this a bit strange. Maybe 
stories drawn by Barks and written by others (in this case Vic Lockman) also 
should be considered 'alternative reality'-stories? Comments anyone?

Halvor Sandven

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