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Hi all

Olaf wrote:

> It is impossible to believe in every story that is 
> written. You must make up your mind in lots of

You made some interesting questions, so here's which
are IMO the logical answers:

> - Are the ducks immortal, or does all the stories 
> find place in the fifties?
> - If Carl Barks writes a story in 1956, does it mean

> that it happened in 1956?

Disney characters are immortal since deaths and
suicides are not allowed in these comics. BUT,
Duckburg's world is near to our world. So maybe the
ducks are not immortal (Remember Scrooge's father? He
died in 1902).
Carl Barks wrote the Duck-stories in the period 1943
(Donald Duck finds Pirate Gold) - 1967 (King Scrooge
the First). Every story is written in a different
date. He never told us when the stories are taking
place in real. According to Don Rosa, all the stories
are taking place in the 50s. The nephews are always in
the same age (and height) which means that all these
stories are taking place in a period between 1950 and

> - Does Mickey and his pals exist?
> - If so, does he live in the same town as Donald?

Why not? They live in another city, Mousetown, Mickey
City or whatever is called it. Barks wrote a story
with Mickey (The Riddle of the Red Hat) if you
remember, which means that Barks actually accept
Mickey as a character. BUT, I don't think Mickey lives
in Duckburg. We never saw him in the Money Bin :-)

> - And are they friends of Donald?
> - Does Fethry exist?

I don't know... maybe they are, maybe not.
I don't know either if Barks ever used Fethry in one
of his stories... I like Fethry, he's a very funny
character and together with Donald they are a deadly
twin :-)

> - Where is Duckburg?

Well, Duckburg is situated somewhere in California and
near Missouri's borders.

> - Should I believe in Rosa's Life of Scrooge?

Yes because the facts that Don "narrates" in his
series are real: all of them are facts from Barks's
stories, placed in chronological order. He even "copy"
(actually re-drawed) some panels from the original
Barks' stories (as a homage maybe?). Remember the
punch that Scrooge is giving to Soapy? Don take those
panels from the "North of the Yukon" story. So, I
strongly believe that Lo$ is an authentic piece of
Scrooge's history.

> - Should I believe that the Money Bin Blueprints are
the original blueprints of the Money Bin?

Yes because all the rooms that Don add to the
blueprints are really exist. The blueprints are based
on Barks' stories. We're not sure that these are the
100% correct blueprints but still it's the best we
have. :-)

> - Was the Money bin built in 1902 or 50 years later?

Well, I'm not sure but I think the Money Bin is built
in 1902.

> Love the art, not the artist!!! Carl Barks has 
> written tons of GREAT stories, and I love them!

Well, you're right on that. I love both Carl and Don's
work, but I never met them! How is possible to love
them so much? But after so many years of reading their
stories, I sometimes feel that these two great men are
friends of mine...and I thank them for giving me so
many things, while I never gave them something (except
maybe for the money I spend to buy their amazing
stories) :-)
Best Wishes

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