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Tue Jun 12 08:33:24 CEST 2001

RODNEY said:
Am I the only one who found Mr. Garvin's remarks about Don Rosa to be
especially ironic considering how he calls Don arrogant, and then
proceeds to tell us how he suggested the idea of a Barks painting to him
on one of his "many visits" to his home.

No, you're not! I agree that Mr. Garvin is out of line here. Mr. Garvin
and Mr. Rosa  are both too intelligent and too valuable contributors to
this list to fight over something that can't be won ó the opinion of
another. Mr. Garvin ought to let Mr. Rosa express himself without
attempting to drop-kick him through the (well earned) laurels of the

RODNEY said:
And Daniel.........we all know very well how you don't like Don.  Your
comment was really uncalled for.


Mark Doukakis

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