DCML digest #566

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Tue Jun 12 19:11:48 CEST 2001

Well, if you must continue these nasty-worded debates, would people please
STOP saying that I "don't like" Barks' paintings?! That's Mr. "garvin" that
keeps telling you that. I keep saying I LIKE the paintings... heck, I paid
that pile o' $ for the hardback collection of them. I think they are
colorful and amusing references to Barks' storytelling. But the stories
were done for millions of people around the world... tens of millions as it
turned out with decades of reprinting. The paintings were each done for a
market of 300-400 people willing to pay hundreds of dollars apiece for
signed lithographs. And my interests are in storytelling and mass
entertainment, not fine paintings and lithographs for private collectors,
otherwise I would not be a comic book collector or a movie buff.
Now, carry on if you really enjoy all this, but do eliminate the "(gasp)
Don Rosa hates Barks' paintings!" element.
Then'kyo veddy much.

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