!naked men! in Norwegian Disney magazine

Nils Lid Hjort nils at math.uio.no
Thu Jun 14 11:40:57 CEST 2001

The most recent issue of Egmont's "Finally back!" series
is out. Previous 100-page issues were (1) Fethry Duck, 
(2) Moby Duck, (3) Ludwig von Drake and(4) John D. Rockerduck; 
this fifth issue features Super Goof. 

The three-page preface, by a certain professor Nils Lid Hjort, 
has various illustrations pertaining to the topic of
man's old and new dreams of flying. We see Superman,
Otto Lilienthal, other flying contraptions (don't do this
at home), and (gasp) two naked men (in beautifully 
rendered colours). Would this be the first time in 
Disney comics history? Will there be angry letters written
to Egmont and Disney? Will they be sued by fretting parents? 

Nils Lid Hjort

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