Zio Paperone #141

Francesco Spreafico frspreaf at tin.it
Sat Jun 16 16:49:56 CEST 2001

A quite strange issue of "Zio Paperone" just hit the stands here in Italy,
let's take a closer look.

It features:
- W OS   71-02 48  I tre caballeros (The Three Caballeros) by Walt Kelly
- D 90227  Zio Paperone e il tesoro sotto vetro  (Treasure Under Glass) by
Don Rosa
- D 97506  Paperino pescatore bagnato, pescatore fortunato (a Fish Tale) by
William Van Horn
- W US   16-03  Archimede Pitagorico e il previsore del futuro bt Carl Barks

There is also a very interesting article about Walt Kelly written by Alberto
Becattini, giving information about his disney and non-disney works (I, for
one, had never realized that the "disney" Walt Kelly was the same as the
"Poho" Walt Kelly...). It also reprints some covers and illustrations by

I had never read _The Three Caballeros_, and I actually find it a really
strange story, good, but definitely not "normal", especially for those two
"tales", of the flying donkey and the pinata, "duckless". But I liked it

The we have _Treasure Under Glass_... wow! I wonder what took them so long
to publish it here. I already had a Greek edition, but of course been able
to read the words too improved it a lot (I think some panels are really
breathtaking... the ones with the dome)

Little to say about the rest, I don't like Van Horn's art at all (while the
story was nice), and Barks's always Barks, of course.

Cover and backcover by Marco Rota.


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