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Fellow Quackeroos:

Four summer specials hit the stands yesterday bearing the title
"FESTIVAL"--here're their contents:

a) Mickey Mouse in "The Treasure of Count Fracula", D-8770 (16 pages).
Script: ???, art: Tello.
b) Donald Duck in "The Alert Guard", D-7556 (7 pages). Script: ???, art:
c) Goofy in "Operation Autobiography", S-84051 (9 pages). Script & art: the
Disney Studio.
d) Fethry Duck in "The Merry-Go-'Round Horsies", S-84118 (10 pages). Script
& art: the Disney Studio.

a) Uncle Scrooge in "The Pirate's Riddle", D-7540 (21 pages). Script: Don
Avenel; Art: Vicar
b) Mickey Mouse in "The Eiffel Tower", S-85137 (9 pages). Script & art: the
Disney Studio
c) Gyro Gearloose in "The Unbeatable Metal", D-7762 (6 pages). Script: ???,
art: Santana
d) The Beagle Boys in "The Loot", D-8540 (6 pages). Script: ???, art: Xavi

a) Mickey Mouse in "The Metamorphosis of the Phantom Blot", D-9150 (15
pages). Script: ???, art: Jan
b) Uncle Scrooge in "The Spendthrift Mayor", D-7432 (10 pages). Script: ???,
art: Vicar
c) Super Goofy in "The Super-hero Club" (9 pages). Story-code unknown.
Script: ???, art: Verci de Mello.
d) Gladstone Gander in "Casanova", S-85047 (8 pages). Script & art: the
Disney Studio.

a) Donald Duck in "The High-Way Pirate", D-7878 (12 pages). Script: Dave
Angus; Art: Santana
b) Mickey Mouse in "The Bridge of the Sighs", S-85023 (11 pages). Script &
art: the Disney Studio
c) Uncle Scrooge in "A Radical Change", S-84134 (11 pages). Script & Art:
the Disney Studio
d) Morty and Ferdie in "The Athletic Weekend", D-6502 (8 pages). Script:
???, art: Bansels (sp?)

Just one observation on the above: with 4 summer specials as vehicles, they
could have done MUCH better than just giving us D and S-coded stories...



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