Goofy and Fethry and Donald and Mickey

Theresa Wiegert f95thwi at
Wed Sep 5 15:51:55 CEST 2001

Lars Jensen:
> Goofy isn't a moron. He's an eccentric. (And, yes, he has been

I certainly agree!!! Goofy has a great deal of personality! But that is
something that Mickey lacks, in my opinion (personality). I've read a lot
of mickey stories in my days, and I've never liked them at all as much
Donald-stories, because of Mickey's lack of personality. But when Goofy is
around, it's more enjoyable, because it reminds me of Tintin and Captain
Haddock (Goofy and captain Haddock are similar in a way, but I'm not sure
I can explain why I think so. haddock's language is a bit more colorful,
and his tolerance is a bit more nonexistent, but yet... well. 

But the discussion was about Fethry... I like Fethry. By the only reason
that he has such cute feet!!! They're not so rounded in the corners as
Donalds, they are a bit more like seagull-feet. I don't remember much
about his being, but his appearance is wonderful! Wouldn't it be possible
to make him a wonderful part of Duckburg?


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