Dan Shane's Money Bin Plans

Dan Shane danshane at bellsouth.net
Fri Sep 7 14:39:02 CEST 2001


> It was mentioned that Dan Shane was going to fix up some mistakes in the
> money bin plans.  I hope that this doesn't mean that the 'secret
> compartment' gets removed, even if it was just a mistake Dan made in the
> blue prints.  I kind of liked the idea that the architect made a goof and
> left a sealed off section nobody knows about.  Could make a good story
> Maybe part of the lost library is sealed in there...



Why didn't you remind me of that earlier?  Now that dumb mistake lives on in
the newest incarnation of the plans.  Our only hope now is that Don does
indeed someday use the "secret compartment" idea and vindicates my

And in case anyone out there thinks this sort of thing doesn't happen in
real life, I'll provide genuine proof that it does.  When I was receiving my
architectural training at Louisville Technical Institute (well, it beats
truck driving school), our class took a field trip to a subdivision being

One house among many we toured was just having its main floor laid over the
basement area.  The designer made a mistake on his plans and provided a
dimension that said the floor was so many feet long.  He was off by about 6
feet, and the construction worker took him at his word.  We stared in
amazement at a floor that stopped in mid air with an 8 foot drop off below.
Maybe the builder thought a staircase or ladder was going to be placed there
someday?  Or a sliding board into a money bin?

Anyway, the contractor was obviously going to have to fix it, but it was fun
to think of all the work the poor fellow put into that perfectly squared off
platform, only to have to do it over.

I could easily see that same young man enclosing a space under the stairs
just because my drawing told him to.  He would never say anything to anyone
else about it, and the contractor might never wonder what is behind that

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