Rob Klein bi442 at lafn.org
Fri Sep 14 16:32:01 CEST 2001

I am very impressed to see that so many of us have no problem going off
topic.  I like to think that several "friendships" have been made through
DCML  (especially those whose writing relationships have been followed up
by personal meetings).  These friendships have shown us that Barksists,
Donaldists, Disneyists and people who enjoy that one form of intertainment,
also share many other interests or ways of thinking.  It's nice to see all
the messages of support.

I do agree with Maurizio, however that this type of activity has not come
forth related to hundreds of thousands of innocent people dying in tragic
circumstances in the third world at most times, while DCML has been in
operation.  However, I think this has less to do with prejudice and
selfishness towards the Western World, and more to do with the make-up of
our list members.  If we had had several members from Sudan, Rwanda,
Burundi, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Somalia, Chechnia and/or other troubled
countries, I'm sure we would have seen these messages of support and good
wishes on our list.  I seem to remember several statements of concern and
good wishes to Arie Fachrisal in Indonesia, when the problems in Jakarta
were more publicised in our Western countries' news media.  And, I remember
a few more  similar situations.

This was a terrible tragedy.  I believe there will be severe measures taken
for better security (similar to those used in Israel).  This will
inconvenience people more - (but provide some protection against such
occurances).  Even the best "security measures" will likely not be
sufficiant to prevent all such attacks by zealots who are willing to die
for their cause.  This all points up the problems with the overpopulation
of the world and continued divisions of that population into different
"nation states" and cultures.  Now that we have a single global economy,
and are moving towards a single culture, the super-rich nations and
multi-national corporations should think more about a more equal
distribution of resources world-wide; so there are not whole countries and
regions in severe deprivation.  If there is much less of a gap between the
rich and the poor, their may be much less resentment of policies of the
rich and powerful.  Especially if the powerful were not seen to be
"against" particular blocks of nations.  I realise this would be a
difficult task given human nature.  I am not preaching communism, but
meerly hoping to see an end to humans being their own worst enemies.  

Best wishes to those who have suffered personally from the tragedy.  While
attending animation school  in Los Angeles, I met the brother-in-law of one
of the plane crash victims.  Although he and I are not in contact now, I
see that the saying "Everyone in the world is only six degrees of
separation from knowing everyone else", may be true.

Rob Klein


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