O casamento de Pato Donald, Donald's Diary, and more...

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In fact, I think I have read on this list that the story was thought to 
really happen, but it has been censured, and the drawers had to put "thinking 
cloud bubbles" around the panels, and donald reading the family album and 
suddenly falling asleep and dream about his wedding, and at the end, waking 
up and saying: Gues what, Daisy, I did an horrible nightmare! I dreamt that 
we married... guess what was Daisy's reaction...
It makes me think a lot to the Cartoon "Donald's Diary", that we have spoken 
about a lot of times before on this list too, the cartoon where we can see 
Daisy's parents (her mother is first presented like a woman dressed as 
"Whistler's mother" in a famous painting), her brothers (who look a lot like 
Huey Dewey and louie, but are, to me, Daisy's brothers, and Huey's, Dewey's 
and Louie's father for one of them), and also unnamed relatives, at the 
In the comic, Daisy wears in some panels a black thing(I don't know the 
english word for that... you know... the thing she wears in her hair and is 
usually pink...) in her hair, and also, another time, in her hair too, 
another thing, whose english name I dunno either, but that makes hair curly, 
you know...

Well, anyway, it make me think about the cartoon!!!

So there are several period of their lives, first they marry, and then they 
have six children, and then they grow up, and then they are teenager and 
Donald is an old bald duck, and he has problem to raise them, and problems 
with the neighbours...
and he suddenly wakes up...

I will sure use picture of that story again, in a section "The future in 
Duckburg", in my site... But it won't be before a looong time, as I am 
working on two sections: Panels by Barks redrawn by Don Rosa, and also "Real 
characters used in Barks/Rosa stories (Buffalo Bill, Soapy Slick/Smith, 
Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt", Annie Oakley, P.T. Barnuw, captain Moore of the 
Cutty Sark, Carl Barks, Taliaferro, Osborne, Sir F. Drake, and a loooot 
more!!!! be patient!) 

Have a nice weekend!!!
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