DD's love affairs

Petri Kanninen pkannine at cc.hut.fi
Fri Sep 21 21:15:09 CEST 2001


> I ever did think that they never would be happy together... you can tell
> me what can see a guy like Donald in a gull like Daisy?

I've always felt sorry for Donald, because he's trapped in his
relationship with Daisy. Because Donald can never really marry anyone, he
can't fall in true love and get the same in return. He has to contend to a
on-off relationship Daisy, who can't even decide which to date, Donald or
Now, what I greatly enjoyed was a few Italian (Cimino/Cavazzano) stories
with Reginella, a princess from outer space. In three episodes published
in Finland it seemed like Donald would love her deeply and the other way
around. The affair had a pretty tragic end in "Reginella e la minaccia
terrestre" (I TL 1884-B) when the princess sacrificed her beauty to beat
evil conquers from Earth and then their planet was guided deeper in space
so Donald could not see her again. I just thought at the end "Hey, this
is not right! Donald should be entitled to some happiness!" But it was the
only way to seperate those two before they came too close to each other.

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