I maestri Disney oro

cwiljes@bol.de cwiljes at bol.de
Fri Jun 7 15:49:06 CEST 2002

I might be mistaken here because my knowledge of the Italian language
consists of 7 years of Latin I had in school and hundreds of frozen pizzas I
ate, but my edition of the Scarpa "I Maestri Oro" seems to have other
stories than those cited by Harry from INDUCKS. My copy has:

* Topolino e l enigma di Brigoboom
* I sette nani e la fata incentata
* Topolino e la regina d' Africa
* Paperino ritardario cronico
* Topolino in und Ragazza davvero "in gamba"
* and several articles about Scarpa

I took the sample pages for the Scarpa entry in our Top 100 List from this
book, so you may have a look at 4 pages under the following URL under the
section "Leseproben" (=sample readings):


It is a beautiful book - highly recommended.


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