Paul Murry H.W.Fluks at
Thu May 1 16:00:50 CEST 2003

Joe Torcivia (long time no "read" 8-):

> I just shake my head at some of the comments I read here... 

Most of us do. 8-)

> Over the 
> years, I certainly haven't seen anywhere near the number of 
> "other artists" imitating or "tributing" Gottfredson 
> (...certainly his later, more modern look, against which 
> Murry would be judged), Manuel Gonzalez, or anyone else.  
> More of what I've seen was "Murry-influenced" than anything else!  

Gottfredson-inspired artwork can be found a lot in Italy since the 50s
(Scarpa, De Vita) and in Denmark since the 90s (Ferioli).
IMO, *most* of these are much better than Denmark's Murry imitations.


> IMO it's the writer who's the most important artist 
> behind a story.

I've seen many good stories spoiled by bad artists...
(e.g. Pete Alvarado on Dick Kinney, or Bob Gregory on Bob Gregory).
And to my eyes that's worse than a badly written story
with beautiful art.


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