SV: Re: AW: RE: Gemstone/Gladstone

Sigvald Grøsfjeld jr. sigvald at
Thu May 8 01:20:34 CEST 2003

Stefan Persson wrote:

>> Yes, but unlike Don Rosa he did that in
>> contradiction to Barks.
> "In contradiction to Barks?" That would mean
> that Barks has once explicitely stated that
> Uncle Scrooge does *NOT* have a relative called
> Rumpus.  Reference, please.

Carl Barks Donald Duck Family Tree

And please don't use the unpresise word "relative" here. The question here
is if Barks anywhere have excluded the possible existance of a brother or a
halfbrother of Scrooge. IMO he has - or at lest he has been very close to do

Sigvald :-)

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