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>Correct! But that was in an early fase.

Nevertheless he was virtually nonexistant from 1934 to 1947, that's more 
than 10 years from Donald's first appearance. Then Barks said: I need rich 

>This is *not* correct because:
>1) They did exist in Barks' Duck Family Tree

But not in any comics

>2) It was obvious that Scrooge had at least one sibling

But not presented at all. If not Rosa, someone else might have invented them 
(just because they HAD to be somewhere) but they would've been very much 
different from Rosa's version.

>Yes, but unlike Don Rosa he did that in contradiction to Barks.

That's not the point. I also dislike a little bit something that contradicts 
Barks-tradition, but if you create Disney comics you can invent as many 
previously unknown relatives as you wish. With clever scripting you can even 
create funny situations, which might be for example like from some Dickens 
novel; when revealed hidden secret brings out new half-brother.. or anything 
like that.


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