Jørgen Andreas Bangor jorgenb at
Thu May 8 16:34:09 CEST 2003


| I only want comment that the messages on these days, on this list, are very
| very crazy... no offense... I love all of you...

NO, No, no! Hey! Wait a minute, you are soooo wrong! If this had been
the Real Life (TM), yes, these messages would indeed have been very
crazy, and their parents should probably have been locked up in some
moist and ugly place. But you must remember to see this in the right
context - the Disney-mailing-list-universe. In this universe it is
perfectly normal to discuss the preferred silliness of cap-angles on
ducklings' - sorry, human kids with beaks and feathers but not being
ducks' - heads.

Such ideas are not hatched from minds having gone nuts, but are born
of lively, imaginative brains, located in the... well, I'd rather not
go into details here.

And any other context/universe, you can simply disregard, for they
wouldn't have been approved of by Sigvald.

No offense taken. You have just been misguided by people thinking
that other ideas are possible.

Love you too.


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