17th of May

Olaf Solstrand olaf at andebyonline.com
Sat May 17 20:59:58 CEST 2003

> You are of course allowed to have your own oppinions, whatever they are,
> about the Israeli-Palestine conflict, but I don't think this is a smart
> to show it (*if* this "blah blah..." statement by any chanse was meant as
> comment against my comment about this) - as we have jewish friends among
> in DCML for whom this most probably is a *very serious* question.

No. But I used Izrael simply as an example. You could might as well replace
the world "Izrael" in my last message with... say, "Sweden", "Scotland" or
"Nigeria". I used Izrael ONLY because I knew that they had a national
anniversary some years ago. So when you start listing reasons NOT to write
such a story about Izrael, I slowly realize that I have triggered a reaction
I didn't want to trigger. Yes, what you say is VERY serious, but as it had
NO connection to what I _tried_ to write about, it really sounded like
blah-blah to me - besides, I wasn't in the mood for quoting your entire
paragraph, and as I try varying my language a little I thought a "..."
sounded too... well, boring.

No, it was NOT my intention to show opinions about an Israeli-Palestine
conflict on a Disney Comics mailing list. Sorry, I see now that it could be
interpreted that way. Please forgive me that...

Olaf the Blue

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