What about a book with stories by Scandinavian creators?

Sigvald Grøsfjeld jr. sigvald at duckburg.dk
Sun May 18 16:15:38 CEST 2003

Hi all!

I am just thinking that there are several good Scandinavian Disney-story
creators out there - like Gorm Transgaard (DK), Olaf Solstrand (N) and I
guess many more. However I have still not seen any book with stories by
these - our own creators. This can't be due to lack of quality - so he only
reason is can see is Scandinavian modesty. Not so other places. The Italians
on their side have published expensive giant books with stories done by
Italians only.

I hope such a book can be done, but the Editors should then be very careful
and have in mind that Freddy Milton may be an American just living in
Denmark, while Jan Guldbranson even though he's living in Germany probably
is of Scandinavian descendece. Thus the latter rather than the first *may*
fit into such a book.

Yes, yes, I know that people with Italian and Dutch names (Rosa and Van
Horn) are Americans -that's why I use the word (*may*) above. The reason I
still mention that topic is that on the contrary I have *never* seen any
creator with an un-Italian name been called an Italian.

Sigvald :-)

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