17th of May/June 2005 + Re: Scrooge's silk hat

Sigvald Grøsfjeld jr. sigvald at duckburg.dk
Wed May 21 01:03:11 CEST 2003

Olaf Solstrand <olaf at andebyonline.com> wrote:

>> Then I can ask - are Scandinavian readers
>> interested in a Panama-only event?
>> Aparently they are as Don Rosa's "The
>> Sharpie of Culebra Cut" has been printed
>> in our countries' weeklies.
> Sigvald... do you really, really think that
> the building and opening of the Panama channel,
> that is to great help for seamen worldwide by
> connecting the two biggest oceans to lighten
> travelling, is a "Panama-only" event?

No, but people here seems to think that the Norwegian independence did only
concern Norway - that's not true as it actually did concern many countries:

a) Norway - becomming independent

b) Sweden - loosing Norway

c) Denmark - the home of the new Norwegian king

d) UK - the home of the new Norwegian queen

e) Germany - Kaiser Wilhelm II often went to Norway and was thus obviously
interested in the seriously matter of war or peace in the Scandinavian
question during the summer of 2005.

f) Russia - Norway's neighbour in the north also had it's interests in the

So obviously there are many possibilities for a good Lo$ episode here - like
Scrooge as a secret agent/representative for his friend Theodore Roosevelt
in these matters...

> And I can promise you that Don Rosa doesn't
> value Catarina Mognato as much as [insert names
> here]. Why would he?

One reason that he may not value Catarina Mognato much is that Italian
comics is AFAIK not published in the US.

> Don Rosa has e.g. said himself that when using
> José Carioca in a story, he totally IGNORED the
> personality Brazilian writers and artists have
> developed for him over the years.

You are probably right about this - I guess the reason is that thos
Brazilian comics is not sold in the US so it would be unfamiliar to him.

> And, if I remember right, the explanation on
> how Donald got his car in "A Recalled Wreck"
> does not match AT ALL with the explanation
> given in "Don Donald".

And so? AFAIK "Don Donald" is not a work by Barks.

> I'm a little dazzled and confused here. You
> start off saying that "this is not about right
> or wrong", but then you go on about how Mognato
> is mocking Barks/Rosa and is not as true comic-
> lovers as you and others. What's the difference?

I din *not* say that Mognato is not a comic lover in general, only that I
have been given the imp0ression that she doesn't value Barks/Rosa as much as
us in D.U.C.K.hunt. But just as DR are free to ignore Brazilian comics she
is is off course equally fre to ignore US comics - even thoyg she has easily
access to it.

> Anyhow, back to the hat: IF you absolutely want
> the continuation in this, you COULD assume that
> this was just a different hat. Scrooge was a
> bank manager in Klondike, and it makes sense
> that he would buy a silk hat there.

Maybe so, but in Lo$ we have not seen him use any silk hat before 1909 (with
the exeption of the hat he did borrow for a while in 1881 in "The Cowboy
Captain of the Cutty Sark").

Sigvald :-)

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